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Presentations & Handouts from LVCA Workshops:

Listed in reverse chronological order

Helping Students Understand Election Season (September 2020)
Online Resources for Teaching about Election Season (Handout)

Ventures Online Resources for Tutors (August 2020)
Ventures Resources (Slides)
Ventures Resources (Handout)

Citizenship Program Updates (July 2020)
All information current as of 7/22/2020
LVCA Citizenship Program (Slides)

Teaching with Video (June 2020)
Teaching with Video (Handout)
Video Platforms Overview (Slides)
Teaching with Zoom (Slides)
Teaching with Meet (Slides)

Public Charge Rules (June 2020)
Presented by International Rescue Committee (IRC) Staff 
Public Charge Information - English, from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (Handout)
Public Charge Handout - Spanish, from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (Handout)
Public Charge Screening (Handout)
Public Charge Presentation (Slides)

Census 2020 (March 2020)
Presented by U.S. Census Bureau Partnership Specialist
Census101: What You Need to Know (Handout)
Census Information Sheet for Immigrants (Handout)
The 2020 Census: Why It Matters (Slides)

Teaching Vocabulary: Tips, Techniques, and Strategies (November 2019)
Teaching Vocabulary (Slides)
Vocabulary (Handout)
Vocabulary Activities (Handout)

2019 Tutor Retreat Presentation & Handouts:
Beyond the Workbook Presentation - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
US Immigration Presentation - Alyson Ball, Author, presenter, and IRC Volunteer
The Path to US Citizenship Presentation - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
Naturalization Workshop (Handout)
Culturally Responsive Communicative Teaching - Menna Youssef, LVCA Tutor
Introduction to Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (YouTube Video)
English Proficiency Standards - Steven Reid, LVCA Staff

Experience Stories - A Strategy for Reading and Writing Practice for Low-Level Learners (May 2019)
Experience Stories (Slides)
Extension Ideas Using Student Experience Stories (Handout)

Cultural Adjustment Workshop (February 2019)
Cultural Adjustment (Slides)
U Curve (Handout)
Websites Mentioned (Handout)

Cultural Humility (December 2018)
Presented by Ingrid Ramos and Joanna Ajex of the Women's Initiative 
Cultural Humility & Ways of Engaging (Slides)

Engaging Adult Learners Through Technology (October 2018)
Engaging Adult Learners Through Technology (Slides)
Technology Resources (Handout)

Maintaining Student Motivation (September 2018)
Maintaining Student Motivation (Slides)
Language Goals (Handout)
Real-World Implementation (Handout)
SMART Goals (Handout)

2018 Tutor Retreat Presentations & Handouts:
Refugee 101 - Harriet Kuhr, Executive Director of The International Rescue Committee
Pronunciation from Z to A - Holly Dilatush, former LVCA volunteer
Collaborative Lesson Planning - Holly Dilatush, former LVCA volunteer
Grammar for Low-Level Students - Steven Reid, LVCA Staff
Grammar for High-Level Students - Steven Reid, LVCA Staff
The Path to Citizenship - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
Naturalization Process (Handout)
Beyond the Workbook - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
Alternative Homework Tips (Handout)
Registering for ProLitearcy's Education Network (Handout)
Registering for a VALRC account (Handout)
Literacy Resources (Handout)

Correcting Pronunciation - South East Asian Edition (June 2018)
South East Asian Pronunciation (Slides)

Encouraging Students to Use and Practice English (May 2018)
Tips for Encouraging Students to Use and Practice English Outside of Tutoring Sessions (Handout)

Lesson Planning for Intermediate & Advanced Students (April 2018)
Meeting the Needs of Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners (Slides)
Level 4 Standards (Handout)

Scaffolding Techniques for Low-Level Learners (March 2018)
Scaffolding Techniques (Slides)
Cluster Word Web (Handout)
Cognates (Handout)
Compare/Contrast (Handout)
Herringbone Organizer (Handout)
KWL Chart (Handout)
Sentence Stems (Handout)
Spider Map (Handout)
Venn Diagram (Handout_

Trauma & Your English Learning Student (February 2018)
Presented by Cherry Stewart, EL Counselor, Charlottesville City Schools K-12 & Volunteer Coordinator, Instructor at TJACE@PVCC
Trauma and Your EL Student (Slides)

Informal Assessments Workshop (January 2018)
Informal Assessments (Slides)
Example-Non-Example (Handout)
3-2-1 (Handout)
One Sentence Summaries (Handout)
Learning Log (Excel)
Word Wall (Excel)

Low-Level Learners Workshop (April 2017)
Working with Low-Level Learners (Slides)
Working with Low-Level Learners (Handout)
100 Common American Words (Handout)

2017 Tutor Retreat Presentations & Handouts:

Engaging Adult Learners Through Technology - Heather Tebbenhoff, LVCA Staff
Better Health Through Better Health Literacy - Lydia, Witman, UVA Medical Center
Pronunciation Presentation - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
Strategies for Encouraging Students to Speak Outside Tutoring 
Maintaining Student Motivation Workshop (Handout)
Our Language Goals (Handout) 
Six Drivers of Persistence (Handout)
SMART Goals Handout (Handout)
Motivation Workshop Notes  - These are the ideas generated by the participants on how to promote and incorporate the six drivers of persistence into tutoring sessions.

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