About LVCA's Citizenship Program

Since 2014, LVCA has been coordinating citizenship instruction and linking those students with naturalization services. We offer language and civics tutoring to immigrants and refugees in our community. We work with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in shepherding students through the citizenship application process. 

Twenty-seven LVCA students became U.S. citizens during fiscal year 2019. LVCA primarily uses the one-to-one teaching model, but due to the heavy demand for citizenship instruction, we provided small-group classes to 60 students. An additional 35 students achieved citizenship skills working with a tutor, bringing our total number of citizenship students to 95 in fiscal year 2019. 

Citizenship Resources

USCIS Citizenship Resource Center -- This official website provides extensive and accurate information about all aspects of the naturalization process. 

USA Learns Citizenship -- Developed with the support of the USCIS Office of Citizenship, this free, online course helps students prepare and practice for all aspects of the citizenship test and interview. 

Catholic Legal Immigration Services 

  • The Citizenship Test: A comprehensive overview of the citizenship process along with lessons that provide context, background, and practice for the “100 Questions” part of the test

Textbooks -- LVCA uses Lynne Weintraub’s three-book series in our citizenship classes:

  • Citizenship: Civics and Literacy -- Prepares high beginning/intermediate students for the civics and reading and writing parts of the test

  • Citizenship: Ready for the Interview -- Provides information and practice for answering questions based on the N-400 Application for Naturalization

  • Citizenship: Literacy Skills -- Provides reading and writing practice for low literacy students

LVCA U.S. Citizenship Handbook:  This booklet provides an overview of the citizenship process and test along with the “100 Questions”.  A great way for students to study while on the go. 
Students and tutors can pick up a copy in our office. 

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