About LVCA's Citizenship Program

LVCA is proud to help immigrants and refugees prepare to become American citizens.  Our citizenship-focused services include group classes, one-on-one tutoring, instructional videos, and additional resources students can use to study on their own. Additionally, we offer practice interviews for those nearing their USCIS interview dates. 

During fiscal year 2023 (July 2022 – June 2023), LVCA supported 140 students as they worked toward their shared goal of becoming United States citizens. 112 students participated in our citizenship classes, earning 2400 instructional hours through our online class offerings. 55 students worked on citizenship preparation through one-on-one tutoring. While many of our citizenship students are either still preparing to apply or are awaiting their USCIS interviews, 60 of our current and former students passed their naturalization interviews in fiscal year 2023. 

We encourage our students and tutors to utilize the links below to access instructional resources and information about our class offerings. 

Teach Citizenship     Study Citizenship     Citizenship Classes

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