Resources for Tutors

There are countless websites and books that you can turn to for tutoring help. We've compiled several on the following pages. Please let us know if you have trouble accessing any of the resources or if you find something you'd like us to add. We also have wonderful resources available in our library. During the pandemic, you must schedule an appointment to visit the library. Please email us to schedule your library session. 

Universal Tutoring Tips:

Learning Styles

  • Learning Styles - Behavioral characteristics and tutoring tips for three different learning styles: auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic.

  • Teaching to the 8 Learning Styles - Verbal, Bodily, Logical, Visual, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical, and Naturalist.

Guidelines Based on Learner Levels

Speaking & Listening Test Information - Students should be able to answer the questions at the level they last tested into, all those before it, and the next level up that they will hopefully test into. 

Adult Education Acronym List - An ongoing list of acronyms used within the Adult Education world. While this is not all-inclusive, it does include many of the most popular ones you will hear around our office. 

Follow a link below to explore resources related to specific topics. You may discover some resources in multiple locations if they cover different topics. 

Lesson Planning     Standards     Reading & Writing     Grammar     


Pronunciation     Citizenship     Basic Literacy 


Workshop Materials

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