Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people in our area have low literacy skills?

In our region there are

  • 9,000+ functionally illiterate adults
  • 14,000 adults without a high school diploma
  • 5,000 foreign nationals (and growing)
  • Many Virginians over age 25 who have seriously limited literacy skills (about 20%)!

More info: Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Adult Education Facts 2017 (pdf)

How does LVCA’s program work?

Here’s a brief description of the typical steps we follow to match a learner with a tutor.

  • Intake interview and confidential assessment of each learner
  • Identification of the learner’s personal goals
  • Learner begins independent computer-based learning while waiting for tutor “match”
  • Learner is provided one-on-one tutoring for two hours a week (usually at the LVCA office or other public space)
  • Tutor is provided initial student-appropriate suggestions for curriculum from staff
  • Tutor regularly checks in with LVCA staff for support and guidance; regularly provides a progress update on student
  • Learner is retested and assessed for progress on a regular basis

What are your funding sources?

We rely on a variety of generous supporters:

  • Individual Donors
  • Fundraising Events (Wordplay)
  • Government grants: Virginia Department of Education, City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County
  • Area Organizations: Throughout the years, we've received funding from the United Way of Greater Charlottesville, BAMA Works Foundation, Charlottesville/Albemarle Community Foundation, Virginia Literacy Foundation, churches, clubs, and other private foundations

I want to donate. How does my donation help?

Every dollar helps. But to give you a sense of the power of those dollars:

  • $250 = Instructional Materials/Workbooks for 10 students
  • $500 = Training for 10 Tutors
  • $800 = Publication Joy of Writing, featuring students’ works
  • $1,000 = One Student Tutored for One Year
  • $5,000 = 7 new computer learning stations

How can I get involved?

We’re so happy you asked! There are a few ways you can join our team:

Become a tutor.

Contribute money. Every dollar really helps.

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