Tutor Requirements

Accountable to

  • Your assigned student
  • LVCA and its mission, goals, and requirements are dictated by the city, county, state, and Board of Directors


  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Must consent to a background check.
  • Must have solid reading, writing, and oral communication skills.
  • Be well organized, good at planning, and an excellent listener.
  • Need to be patient, friendly, encouraging, non-judgmental, and committed.


  • Commit to one year of service.
  • Provide eight hours of instruction per month (two hours/week).
  • Make up missed sessions or have the student make up hours on a computer-learning program or with a conversation group. Substitute tutors can be arranged for absences of three weeks or more.
  • Complete a monthly Progress Report.
  • Be respectful of the student's confidentiality.
  • Tutor only in a public place – not in your home or your student’s home.
  • Have good communication with the office about difficulties such as: if the student is canceling on short notice, is not attending regularly, is regularly more than 15 minutes late to sessions, or if their personal problems impede the learning process.
  • Have good communication with your student about changes in scheduling and upcoming events in our program.
  • Regularly attend workshops and other professional development opportunities to be better informed about techniques and methods of effective tutoring.
  • Notify the office of changes in contact information.
  • Notify and explain to the Program Director if either the student or the tutor wishes to stop sessions.
  • Return all books upon leaving the program.
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