Tutor Resources: Reading & Writing

Online Resources:

  • English for Everyone - This website provides worksheets related to almost any question you may have about English. The pictures and readings for the lower level learners are especially good. Other topics include U.S. citizenship, spelling, word searches, and computer fundamentals.

  • Easy Reading - Short stories for ESL learners with activities for each one.

  • ESL-Bits - Listening, Reading, Audiobooks, Short Stories, and Songs for intermediate-level students. Students can listen and read along with the text. 

  • Newsela | Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events - Newsela provides teachers, parents, and students with over 1,000 current event articles scaled at five different reading comprehension levels. You must create an account to access most of the articles. You can also pay for an account that will allow you access to quizzes and assessments on reading comprehension. 

  • ESL Bingo Games - This website has a large variety of premade bingo cards available for download. These would best be used with a low-level student. 

LVCA Workshop Presentations/Handouts:

Experience Stories - A Strategy for Reading and Writing Practice for Low-Level Learners (May 2019)
Experience Stories PowerPoint
Extension Ideas Using Student Experience Stories Handout

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