Tutor Resources: Vocabulary

Online Resources:

  • Appalachian State University Vocabulary Lessons for Adult Learners - This is a resource created for Adult Basic Skills Professional Development at Appalachian State University. The article provides information on how to select words for vocabulary instruction, plan for instruction, and teach using direct and explicit instruction.

  • ATLAS (ABE Teaching & Learning Advancement System) - They have collected a series of resources all related to vocabulary. Some of them link to other sites, others are documents you can download.

  • EFLnet - This website has many resources including vocabulary. The vocabulary section includes an idioms gallery, phrasal verbs, picture vocabulary, and word lists.

  • ESL Bingo Games - This website has a large variety of premade bingo cards available for download. These would best be used with a low-level student.

  • Learning Chocolate - Aims to help students to memorize English vocabulary in an easy and efficient way, by using images, pronunciation, and games. Free and Fun!

  • Memrise English Visual Dictionary - An interactive webpage that divides vocabulary into short lessons such as, The Human Body, Emotions, Foods, etc. You will need to create an account to access the lessons.

  • Online Picture Dictionary - This online picture dictionary is free to use for educational, non-commercial purposes.
  • Oxford Picture Dictionary on YouTube - Short vocabulary videos taken directly from the Oxford Picture Dictionary.

  • Sight Words - This website provides a free source of word flashcards, games, lessons, and activities. 

LVCA Workshop Presentations/Handouts:

Teaching Vocabulary (July 2022)
Teaching Vocabulary (Slides)
Fry's 1000 High-Frequency Words
Spanish/English Cognates Handout
English Cognates Article
STAR Pre-Made Vocab lessons/units for Advanced ELLs or ABE students
This workshop was recorded. Please contact us for a link to the recording. 

Teaching Vocabulary: Tips, Techniques, and Strategies (November 2019)
Teaching Vocabulary (Slides)
Vocabulary (Handout)
Vocabulary Activities (Handout)

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