Tutor Resources: English Proficiency Standards

We are often asked questions like: “Am I teaching what I need to be teaching?” and “How do I know what I should be teaching next?” The English Language Proficiency Standards were developed to answer those questions. They provide tutors with a checklist of activities appropriate for each level to guide tutors through lesson planning.

These standards are also part of our reporting portal designed to help us track students’ goals, achievements, and instructional time in a more complete manner. 

LVCA Produced Materials:

LVCA Workshop Presentations/Handouts:

Lesson Planning for Intermediate & Advanced Students (April 2018)
Meeting the Needs of Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners PowerPoint
Level 4 Standards Handout

English Proficiency Standards (2019 Tutor Retreat)
Standards Presentation PowerPoint

Pro Literacy Guidestar Platinum