Wordplay: Team Information

What’s the general format?

The competition is structured in several rounds, each of which is designed to challenge you to ponder, listen, look, count, remember, spell, and generally think about what you already know in a new way. If you enjoy crosswords, word games, and trivia, Wordplay is for you! Each team comprises three people. You will be provided with answer sheets, snazzy LVCA pencils, and a scorekeeper to keep track of your score for you. You'll compete from the comfort of your seats at The Paramount Theater. Your scores will be projected onto the big screen after each intermission. 

Why should my group participate?

Wordplay is a great team-building opportunity for businesses and organizations. Several of our returning sponsors like to hold in-house trivia competitions to determine who will represent them at the main event. Our pre-game party also provides a great opportunity to network with other businesses and organizations. 

Is it for adults only?

While Wordplay is created for an adult audience, teenagers should be fine. 

What's great about Wordplay?

Wordplay is the opposite of most fundraisers, as every single person in the room participates. The teams compete, but everyone in the audience is playing along, too. Each audience member has their own answer sheet, just like the teams. The vibe in the room is fantastic. The game is entertaining and challenging. It makes for a great live show that's fun and engaging.

Who benefits?

Wordplay is the annual fundraiser for Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/ Albemarle. LVCA is an independent, non-profit organization offering free, confidential, individualized basic literacy and ESOL instruction to adults in our community. A single team sponsorship of $600 covers the cost of supplying educational services to one student for six months.

Are costumes required?

Wearing a costume is optional, but there will be "Best Team Costume" and "Best Team Name" contests. The audience will cast those votes. You can stack the deck in your favor by encouraging your friends and coworkers to attend and vote for you!

Want more information about starting your own team?

If you'd like more information about registering a team, contact Heather

Pro Literacy Guidestar Platinum