Tutoring Onsite at LVCA

You are welcome to tutor onsite (with proof of vaccination) at LVCA; however, virtual instruction is still available for all pairs. You can also meet in other public locations if it is more convenient for you and your student. A hybrid option of some in-person and some virtual instruction is also acceptable. Do what works best for you and your student, and let us know if there are any ways we can better support you. 

Space availability

  • Time slots will be available for in-person tutoring. We will still be using Sign Up Genius to make appointments. 


  • Masks are required in common areas due to rising cases.  We also understand the importance of reading facial expressions when meeting. While in tutoring rooms, volunteers and students should discuss their comfortability with masks and proceed from there.  Anyone who is unvaccinated is still required to use a mask at all times when in the Jefferson School. 

Contact tracing

  • All volunteers and students must sign in when they arrive and out when they leave.
  • If anyone informs us of a positive COVID test, we will inform everyone in the office on that day.


  • We encourage all volunteers and students to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. Effective 1/17/22 Proof of vaccination is required to use the computer and tutoring rooms. 
  • We have been and will continue to provide the information we get from the Blue Ridge Health District about vaccination opportunities to everyone in our weekly newsletters.
  • Individuals may wish to disclose their vaccination freely; however, we will not be asking anyone about their vaccine status.
  • Due to the multicultural aspect of our work, we cannot understand all the possible reasons why someone would choose not to get vaccinated. We do not want to create a barrier to learning, but we must prioritize the safety of every person in our community. 
  • Online instruction is still available for any student or tutor concerned about being matched with an unvaccinated person.
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