Tutor Resources

Tutoring Video Clips produced by Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/ Albemarle
Includes our own tutors working on a variety of topics.

Tutoring Video Clips from Media Library of Teaching Resources
Includes clips of tutors demonstrating various methods such as the Language Experience Approach, role plays, learning vocabulary and building reading and writing skills with ESL or Basic Literacy students.

Tutor Self-Evaluation 
A simple checklist to see if you are using "best practices" in your tutoring. 

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Tutor Tips

Learning Styles

Learning Styles - Behavioral characteristics and tutoring tips for three different learning styles: auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic.

Teaching to the 8 Learning Styles - Verbal, Bodily, Logical, Visual, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical, and Naturalist.

Guidelines Based on Learner Levels

English as a Second Language Learners

Basic Literacy Learners

Speaking and Listening Practice for Beginners

Tutor Progress Reports 

Progress Reports are due on the 10th of each month. You can find the PDF to fill out and return below or submit it online here
Click here to fill out a PDF version of the monthly Tutor Report. 

English As a Second Language & Civics

Speaking & Listening Test Information
Students should be able to answer the questions at the level they last tested into, all those before it and the next level up that they will hopefully test into. Give them enough practice so that they answer with good grammar and pronunciation.

English for You
English For You is a three-level, video-based, English learning set. It has been prepared and presented by English teachers in a real class ambiance. 

USA Learns App for smartphones or tablets: Great resource for students to use for independent study. Features videos, listening and speaking practice.

Using Plain Language with ESL Learners Powerpoint
Great presentation from Literacy Advance of Houston

Conversation Starters
From the ProLiteracy 2015 Conference, a handout with 101 questions you can use to start conversations with your student.

More Conversation Starters
Another handout from the ProLiteracy 2015 Conference to help you get your student talking.

Writing Can Be Fun
Writing exercises to use with your ESL or BL student.

Activities for ESL Students
This website has useful information for all levels. It includes quizzes on grammar and vocabulary, listening and pronunciation practice and VOA audio podcasts. It also has crossword puzzles and over 40 quizzes in bilingual languages.

Ideas and resources for teaching about civic participation and becoming engaged in our community within the context of English-language instruction.

ESL Games for Adults
This website features games and other activities, including conversation cards, to help adults learn English as a Second Language.

Conversation Questions for ESL
This website provides different questions to stimulate conversation for ESL learners.

English for Everyone
This website provides worksheets related to almost any question you may have about English. The pictures and readings for the lower level learners are especially good. Other topics include U.S. citizenship, spelling, word searches and computer fundamentals. Check it out!

REEPworld’s Student Site
Lots of good listening, reading and vocabulary practice on health, work and family issues for low-level learners.

Interesting Things for ESL Students
This website is full of exercises in grammar, pronunciation, listening, spelling and vocabulary development for different levels. One heading lists “Easy Things for Beginners.” Other activities and exercises are not specified by levels but are generally intermediate.

Sounds of English
Good for pronunciation practice. Tips for teachers.

Picture Dictionary
Pictures and words available from A-Z for low-level ESL learners.

Easy Reading
Short stories for ESL learners with activities for each one.

English Grammar
Help with rules of grammar.

5 Minute English 
Designed to give short and easy explanations and exercises for English as a Second Language Learners. 

Speak English Clearly! - The Imitation Technique
Practicing English with the Imitation Technique will help reduce an accent and pronunciation problems quickly. It will also make listening to native speakers easier. Several lessons are available. 

Basic Literacy


Letters, Words Lists and Reading Comprehension
A website full of basic phonics exercises about letters, compound words, alphabetizing and reading comprehension. Scroll down and click on “Sight Vocabulary.” This leads to such things as word lists for vowels, syllables and most commonly used words.

Learning the Basics of Letters
Gives a free audio tutorial, cartoons and sounds for the letters and blends of letters from A-Z. Is geared toward children, but adults can also find it useful.

Beginning Readers and Beyond

Teacher Worksheets
Very useful website for teachers/tutors that have activities at elementary grade levels, but may be applicable to adults. Categories under the Language Arts section include grade level reading and comprehension exercises, spelling, verbs, adverbs and adjectives, punctuation and social studies. There are also various word puzzle exercises to do and study materials related to major holidays.

Reading Skills for Today’s Adults
This provides readings on various topics for beginning to intermediate level learners. The print out readings can be timed and read repeatedly to improve comprehension and fluency. Questions are provided after each reading.

Newsela | Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events

Newsela provides teachers, parents, and students with over 1,000 current event articles scaled at five different reading comprehension levels. You must create an account to access most of the articles. You can also pay for an account which will allow you access to quizzes and assessments on reading comprehension. 

Health Literacy

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, only 12 percent of adults have proficient health literacy. Low literacy is linked to poor health outcomes and higher rates of hospitalization. ProLiteracy has recommended MedlinePlus as a resource to provide health information to students. The site is in both English and Spanish and features hundreds of health topics with easy-to-read materials. 

Health Vocabulary PDF Handout
Virginia Adult ESOL Health Literacy Toolkit - Created by a hospital social worker and ESOL educator, this toolkit offers explanations, tips, materials, and links to help ESOL teachers and programs better understand and address the health literacy challenges faced by adult English language learners in U.S. health care.

Pronunciation Handouts from Workshops

Correcting Pronunciation Errors
Vowel Placement
Vowel Practice
Characteristic Difficulties with English for Speakers of Spanish
Minimal Pairs for Spanish Speakers
Pronunciation Guide - Bantu
Pronunciation Guide - Burmese 
Pronunciation Guide - Central & South Asia
Pronunciation Guide – South East Asia (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese)

Tutoring Guidelines and Handouts from our Workshops

BL Tutoring Guidelines 
ESL Tutoring Guidelines
Sample ESL Lesson Plan
Pronunciation Workshop 
Verb Tenses 
Civics Preparation & Civics for Daily Life (Oct. 2013) 
Articles Workshop (Dec. 2015) 
Pronunciation Workshop on Southeast Asian Languages
Voting & Election Workshop (Sept. 2016)

Working with Low-Level Learners PowerPoint (April 2017)
Working with Low-Level Learners Handout (April 2017)
100 Common American Words (April 2017 - Low-Level Workshop)
Cultural Competency PowerPoint (May 2017)

Informal Assessments Workshop (January 2018)
Informal Assessments PowerPoint
Example-Non-Example Handout
3-2-1 Handout
One Sentence Summaries Handout
Learning Log (Excel)
Word Wall (Excel)

Trauma & Your English Learning Student (February 2018)
Workshop by Cherry Stewart, EL Counselor, Charlottesville City Schools K-12 & Volunteer Coordinator, Instructor at TJACE@PVCC

Scaffolding Techniques for Low-Level Learners (March 2018)
Scaffolding PowerPoint
Cluster Word Web Handout
Cognates Handout
Compare/Contrast Handout
Herringbone Organizer Handout 
KWL Chart Handout
Sentence Stems Handout
Spider Map Handout
Venn Diagram Handout

Lesson Planning for Intermediate & Advanced Students (April 2018)
Meeting the Needs of Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners PowerPoint
Level 4 Standards Handout

Tips for Encouraging Students to Use and Practice English Outside of Tutoring Sessions (May 2018)

Correcting Pronunciation - South East Asian Edition (June 2018)

Maintaining Student Motivation (September 2018)
Motivation PowerPoint
Language Goals Handout
Real World Implementation Handout
SMART Goals Handout

Engaging Adult Learners Through Technology (October 2018)
Technology PowerPoint
Technology Handout

2018 Tutor Retreat Presentations & Handouts

Refugee 101 - Harriet Kuhr, Executive Director of The International Rescue Committee
Pronunciation from Z to A - Holly Dilatush, LVCA Volunteer and Leader of Tutors' Corner
Collaborative Lesson Planning - Holly Dilatush, LVCA Volunteer and Leader of Tutors' Corner
Grammar for Low-Level Students - Steven Reid, LVCA Staff
Grammar for High-Level Students - Steven Reid, LVCA Staff
The Path to Citizenship - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
Naturalization Process (handout)
Beyond the Workbook - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
Alternative Homework Tips (handout)
Registering for ProLitearcy's Education Network (handout)
Registering for a VALRC account (handout)
Literacy Resources (handout)

2017 Tutor Retreat Presentations & Handouts

Engaging Adult Learners Through Technology  - Heather Tebbenhoff, LVCA Staff
Sin Barreras/Without Barriers - Immigration Information, Frank Sullivan
Better Health Through Better Health Literacy - Lydia, Witman, UVA Medical Center
Pronunciation Presentation - Paige Zelikow, LVCA Staff
Strategies for Encouraging Students to Speak Outside Tutoring 
Maintaining Student Motivation Workshop Handout
Our Language Goals Handout 
Six Drivers of Persistence 
SMART Goals Handout 
Motivation Workshop Notes  - These are the ideas generated by the participants on how to promote and incorporate the six drivers of persistence into tutoring sessions.

2016 Tutor Retreat Presentations & Handouts

Using Technology to Further Learning 
Today's Students, Tomorrow's Workforce 
Civics It Up - adding civics instruction to your lessons 
Low ESOL Handout 
Best Apps for ESL Students 
Creative Writing Handout  

Tutors' Corner

Holly Dilatush, a prior Literacy Volunteers tutor, trainer, and board member has created an online Tutors' Cornerspace and is planning to schedule regular face-to-face gatherings at LVCA too. The Tutors' Corner will provide an easier way for tutors to connect, share questions and tips, celebrate successes, or simply socialize. 

Learn how to access Tutors' Corner with a step-by-step PDF guide.