Wordplay Team Info

What’s the general format?

The competition is structured in several rounds, each of which is designed to challenge you to ponder, listen, look, count, remember, spell, and generally, think about what you already know in a new way. Get a decent team together, show up, and have fun.

Each team is comprised of three people. You will be provided with answer sheets, snazzy LVCA pencils, and a scorekeeper to keep track of your score for you.

How do we sign up?

The team fee is a minimum of $500. Register online here. If you want to use paper forms and mail in your fee, download this form 2016_Wordplay_Package_(1).pdf

If you’re an individual and want to raise your team fee from your social networks, go here and register as a fundraiser. Through this online service, individuals can generate support from their social networks and form teams. You don’t have to handle any money at all— just register and spread the word about your support of LVCA. This system provides clickable links for you to share in emails, twitter, facebook, and all the rest. You’ll need two friends or colleagues to be on the team with you, and your team needs to raise a total of $500.

Questions? Our Team Chairperson is Heather Tebbenhoff. Or call the LVCA office at 434.977.3838.

What should we wear?

We have a costume contest. If you want to participate, be creative! If not, that’s fine too.

What time should we arrive?

Wordplay starts at 7pm. Teams should arrive around 6:00 so you have some time for refreshments at our Team Reception.