Wordplay Team Info

What’s the general format?

The competition is structured in several rounds, each of which is designed to challenge you to ponder, listen, look, count, remember, spell, and generally, think about what you already know in a new way. If you enjoy crosswords, word games, and trivia, Wordplay is for you! Each team is comprised of three people. You will be provided with answer sheets, snazzy LVCA pencils, and a scorekeeper to keep track of your score for you. You'll compete from the comfort of your seats at The Paramount Theater. Your scores will be projected onto the big screen after each intermission. 

Is it for adults only?

Wordplay is open to everyone who wants to participate on a team of three. The game is geared for adults, but teens should do fine. 

How do we participate?

Team sponsorship starts at $500. Sponsors can also donate in-kind goods of the same value in place of their team fee. Sponsorships without team participation are also available. 

What's great about Wordplay?

Wordplay is the opposite of most fundraisers, as every single person in the room participates. The teams are competing, but everyone in the audience is playing along, too. Each audience member has his or her own answer sheet, just like the teams. The vibe is the room is fantastic. The game is fun, entertaining, and challenging. It makes for a great live show that's really amusing to attend. 

Want more information about starting your own team?

If you'd like more information about registering a team, contact the Wordplay Committee Chair, Heather Tebbenhoff