Read Reid

Steven Reid, LVCA Program Manager, answers tutor questions in a regular advice column. Tutors can submit questions to Steven at any time and he'll answer them here for the benefit of all. 

Dear Steven,

I'm wondering if you have any good resources on teaching preposition usage - when to use which preposition in a sentence - which seems to vary often from usage in Spanish. 

Problems with Prepositions

Dear Problems with Prepositions,

Prepositions are so difficult to learn because all languages use them slightly differently. Even within English, they aren’t consistent. Do you fill in a form? Or do you fill it out? How these are used in one part of the US is different from (or is it different to?) how they are used in another part. We also use them differently in the US than they do in the UK. So you’re right to have questions. Here are a couple of resources:

Good luck.