Read Reid

Steven Reid, LVCA Program Manager, answers tutor questions in a regular advice column. Tutors can submit questions to Steven at any time and he'll answer them here for the benefit of all. 

Dear Steven,

My student and I have finished the textbook we were given when we started and we're ready for the next book in the series. However, I heard that you are no longer carrying the English No Problem series. Why did you switch textbooks? Will my student be able to transfer easily over to the new option? 

Textbook Trepidation

Dear Textbook Trepidation,

We have decided, after an exhaustive search, to switch our main textbook series to Ventures 2nd Edition from Cambridge Press. This series contains a Student book and a workbook, both with self-study audio CDs. We’ve also purchased the Teacher’s Edition with Assessment CD/CD-ROM. The series also comes with access to the Online Teacher’s Resource room, which has thousands of free classroom extras, including worksheets and other activities.

This series aligns more closely with the state and federal government’s guidelines for standards-based instruction with integrated-skill training to help students achieve their academic and career-readiness goals. Students should be able to transition from the English No Problem series to the Ventures series without any problems. As is always been the case, students will be requested to make a $20 donation for new books. First books are always given free.

Pro Literacy Guidestar Platinum