Make Your Voice Heard

This fall, Virginia will hold elections for all of our state government jobs, like Governor and members of the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates. But first, this spring, each political party is choosing the candidates who will run in the fall elections. Use the buttons below to learn about how you can help a political party choose candidates. 

Democratic Party     Republican Party

What's on my ballot? 

  • Your Personalized Ballot: Go to this link and follow these instructions:
    • Click on “Enter my address” and enter your address. 
    • Go to Google and search for the candidate. For instance, if the candidate is named Rob Thomas, you can search “Rob Thomas issues” to search the candidate. 
    • Click on that candidate’s website, usually the first link on Google after you search on Google.
    • Look at how that candidate feels about certain issues and problems that could impact you. 

Other Resources: 

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