Tutor Spotlight

January Tutor Spotlight: Carol D.

Carol began volunteering in April of 2016 after seeing an ad in C-VILLE Weekly. She previously volunteered with the Literacy Volunteer Center in Fairfax before moving to Charlottesville. She brings experience and passion to her volunteering. Her eyes light up when she talks about her student, Mariam. We're grateful to have her as a tutor! 

What do you enjoy most about being a tutor?

I can help so much. Everything we do is a help. Even just talking about what we did today or laughing about jokes. It all helps build the confidence and the abilities of the people we’re working with.

Tell us a little about your student.

Mariam is the hardest working person I know. She has a job, she has her children, she has her English classes, she volunteers so that she can get a house. We work some on pronunciation. We work some on reading and writing. She’s now at the stage where it’s important for her to have more vocabulary so when she reads words she can recognize them. And sometimes we just laugh about life and our mistakes and our memories.

What advice do you have for new tutors?

Be positive all the time. Be patient. And again, everything you do is a help. So you can’t do wrong. You shouldn’t be nervous. Everything that you do is helpful to these people who have worked so hard to be here and are giving up so much of their time to learn to communicate with all of us. If you have two hours a week you can help. There’s such a demand. There are so many people waiting. It's two hours a week, if you have it, it can make the difference for somebody. It’s so important.